How to Set Up Bluetooth in your Toyota Corolla

2014 Toyota Corolla Bluetooth

2014 Toyota Corolla Bluetooth

Step 1 – Initiating Bluetooth on Your Phone

The following instructions are a general overview of pairing your handset with your Toyota Corolla Bluetooth.

  • iPhone PairingiPhone 5s
    1. Choose the “Settings” icon from the main screen of your iPhone
    2. From the “Settings” menu, choose “General”
    3. On the next screen, select “Bluetooth”
    4. Ensure that your “Bluetooth” option is in the “On” position
    5. At this point, your iPhone will search for any type of new Bluetooth devices that are in discover mode within range.
  • Android PairingAndriod Phone
    1. Open the app drawer by choosing your “Apps” icon from the home screen.
    2. Choose the appropriate option for “Settings.”
    3. From the settings menu, select “Wireless & Networks.”
    4. From Wireless & Networks, select “Bluetooth settings.”
    5. Under Bluetooth settings, make sure the radio box next to “Bluetooth” is selected. If it is not checked, you should touch the box or option next to “Bluetooth.”
    6. On the next screen, touch “Scan for devices.” At this point, your Android device will search for all types of Bluetooth hardware that can be discovered. As a result, your device should search for and find your Toyota Multimedia System.

Step 2 – Initiate Bluetooth on Your Multimedia System

Now that the Bluetooth on your device is ready to make a connection, you must initiate your multimedia’s Bluetooth system.

  • Display Audio 
    1. On the face plate of the display audio, touch the “Bluetooth” option.
    2. Touch the option for “Add New Device”
    3. Select the option for “Search for Bluetooth Devices” or “Bluetooth Devices.”
      • If you chose “Search for Bluetooth Devices,” you will see a list of all of the devices the system discovered. Touch the device you would like to pair.
      • If you chose “Make This System Discoverable,” touch the option for “Car Multimedia” or the option that corresponds with your smartphone.
    4. The next screen should feature a messaged telling you to initiate the pairing process on your handset. When you are prompted, touch the option no your handset for “Pair” with the audio unit.
    5. You handset should be communicating with your audio unit, which will result in a dialog box appearing. Touch “Accept” to sync your smartphone with your vehicle. If your phone’s Bluetooth is secured with a password, you may have to enter it to connect.
    6. Once the pairing has completed, you will see a confirmation that your phone has been paired.
  • Display Navigation with Entune
    2014 Toyota Corolla Navigation NY

    2014 Toyota Corolla Nav

    1. From the main screen, press the “Menu” hard key on the face plate and then choose touch the option for “Setup.”
    2. Find the option for “Bluetooth” and touch the screen to select that option.
    3. Touch the option for “Connect Phone.”
    4. On the next screen, touch the option for “Add New.”
    5. At this point, the system is searching for your phone. In the list of discovered devices on your phone, you should see “Car Multimedia” listed as a device ready to pair.
    6. To initiate pairing, touch “Car Multimedia” on your phone.
    7. The next screen should verify that your phone is attempting to pair with your vehicles Bluetooth. As a security measure, your phone may ask you for a security code.
    8. The final screen will confirm that your phone has been paired with your Corolla’s Bluetooth.

If you are having problems connecting your Corolla’s Bluetooth and you are in the New City, Monroe, Garnerville, Stony Point, or Chest Ridge area, Toyota has your problems covered.

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